English spoken birth class

The english spoken birth class 'Samen Bevallen' prepares you and your partner in an informative and practical way about all the ins and outs of pregnancy and labor. There is extensive information about the pregnancy and labor. You will also learn various practical tools and techniques. During the course there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss fears or uncertainties. After the class you will be prepared to give birth in confidence.

• Duration: 3 lessons
• Time: 8.00 PM - 10.00 PM
• Price: € 300,- (€50,- per hour)
• Register: registration is possible after the 12th week of pregnancy

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• Anatomy en hormones
• Pain management
• Various breathing techniques

• Stages of childbirth
• Positions for labor
• Pushing technique
• Initial contact with the baby

• Post partum period